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Ethos New York is my homage for oversized button-down shirts. It’s simple, comfortable and uber chic. You can wear it every day with anything and everything.  I once wore it as a coverup after yoga and got a ton of compliments. Seriously, when in doubt, wear an oversized button-down shirt. It's #ChicGuarantee.

My story begins with a tragedy of losing my favorite oversized shirt. It had finally finally worn out and I looked and looked to replace it. That’s when I realized there's no brand that specializes in oversized shirts. I mean there are oversized boyfriend's shirts out there, but I just couldn't find the right fit. So, after many contemplations, I took it upon myself to create the perfect fitting oversized shirt, and to start, I made a small batch in New York City with the ethos to only make clothes that are stylish and easy to wear. Something that will always stand the test of trend and time, like a simple white shirt.

All our shirts are made in New York City's Garment District from start to finish with an exceptional detail to fit and quality. We only use the finest Pima cotton and production is done on a smaller scale to maintain the highest quality.