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How to Make Your Winter Monochromatic Look More Whimsical

by Jackie Gossels |

I know most of us don’t wear a head scarf after the summer but putting together a silk scarf with a monochromatic look in the winter is a fun way to create a unique and unexpected outfit. You can bring the whimsicalness of summer to your winter wardrobe.

Here I’m wearing Hermes silk scarf, 36” x 36”, which actually feels kind of chunky, and I must admit it took little bit of effort to place it on my head perfectly, but I really like the look of bulkiness. The weight works better for winter anyway.

Investing in a classic is always a smart move, because these outfit t staples can be worn all year round and be incorporated into your wardrobe seamlessly. Personally, if you are going to go with a classic, I like to go with neutral colors, which are black, white, gray and sometimes brown and beige. You know what they say, “when in doubt….”


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